Why Is My House So Dusty?

Why Is My House So Dusty? | Conroe TexasDusting is one of the least favorite chores of many people. It can be especially frustrating when you spend an afternoon ridding your house of dust only to have every surface finely coated in it again just a few days later.

Why is your house so dusty? Why does the dust come back so fast? How can you slow down the dust bunnies?

The answer to all 3 questions can be as easy as a call to Conroe air conditioning service company Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating Co.

What Is Dust And Where Does It Come From?

Dust is made up of tiny particles from many sources, from dead skin that people and pets shed normally to carpet fibers and dirt tracked in on the bottom of your shoes.

While people and pets are to blame for much of the dust in your home, they’re not likely to blame for why dust accumulates so quickly after a good cleaning.

When this occurs, your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system may be the culprit.

Dust Issues And Your Ductwork

In the average home, about 20% of air moving through the air duct system is lost because of leaks and gaps from holes, tears, and unsealed or improperly sealed joints between sections of ductwork. These openings not only let warm or cool air escape (dragging your HVAC system’s efficiency down) but they also allow dirty air to be sucked into the ducts and distributing into your home through the air vents.

The experienced HVAC technicians at Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating can perform something called a pressure test, which measures how well sealed your ductwork is. If we find that leaky ducts are an issue, we can find and seal leaks to improve your home’s climate and reduce dust.

Dust And Your A/C

Excessive dust can cause upper respiratory issues and aggravate allergies, but it can also be harmful to your air conditioning system. A dust-clogged AC can cause numerous issues that can be costly to repair, including:

Iced-over coils: If you notice iced forming inside your AC along the indoor evaporator, it’s very likely that this issue is related to dust and dirt in the HVAC system. When dirt accumulates on the coil, it can prevent the coil from absorbing heat and warming up the refrigerant inside. This issue can make it much harder for your air conditioner to effectively cool down your home.

Air filter damage: Your air conditioner’s air filters are the main defense against dust and dirt getting into the system. When the air filter gets excessively clogged up by dust and dirt, pollutants can get inside your AC system and damage the fans, motors and compressor. Changing your filter monthly during hot months is the best way to prevent this, but if dirt has gotten into the unit, Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating can help.

Reduced HVAC efficiency: While your AC might keep the temperature of your home where you want it even if it has some dirt and dust mucking up the parts, the reality is that the damage is likely only getting worse and your electric bills are probably higher than they need to be. The more clogged up your HVAC system is, the harder it has to work to keep your home cooled. The harder it works, the more energy it is using and the more likely it is that parts will wear down, eventually leading to an AC breakdown.

Get Help Defeating The Dust

Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating Co. provides exceptional air conditioning service in Conroe and surrounding areas. If your home is suffering from dust overload or an AC system that isn’t working as well as it should, our technicians can perform a 21-point inspection designed to root out underlying issues and optimize your system’s performance.

We offer same day service, 100% financing, a 1 year warranty on all work, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Don’t wait until the hottest part of the summer to make sure your AC is cooling at its best! Give us a call today at 281-351-1010 to schedule a service appointment.

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