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Looking for AC Services in Spring, Texas? You've come to right place. Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating has been serving Spring, TX for over 28 years. We service residential and commercial air conditioners. Whether you are looking to get your air conditioner serviced or get a complete replacement, we are here to provide the best possible services. If you need emergency repair service, give us a call now!

What We Offer

AC Repairs When You Need Them

As Texans, we understand that an AC breakdown at any time of the year can make your home miserable. Our technicians are available for same day AC repairs and installation 7 days a week, and our phones are answered in-house 24/7.

We NEVER charge extra for after hours and weekends, and our technicians come fully prepared with a truck stocked with equipment and parts to handle most AC repair issues on the spot.

Air Condition Replacement and Installation

Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating handles all types of AC replacements and installations, including commercial and residential. Whether you’ve never had central air, your old unit is on its last leg, or you’re just looking to upgrade to a high-efficiency AC, we can handle all your air conditioning installation needs in Spring, Texas, and surrounding areas.

The HVAC installation pros at Seasons work with all makes and models. Our technicians train every year in the most up-to-date installation techniques to ensure our customers receive the highest quality service possible.

We offer FREE in-home estimates and second opinions on air conditioning installations and replacements, as well as regular specials and discounts.

Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating has had an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau since our first year in business. We’ve been a member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America since 1990 and are an A+ dealer for Goodman Manufacturing.

The technicians at Seasons are EPA and NATE certified and licensed through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation’s Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program.

We offer 100% financing for AC repairs and installations, with an easy credit application and low monthly payments and interest rates. Call today for Spring AC Repair and Replacement


We are dedicated to being on time, professional, and have the fix-it-right-the-first-time mentality. 

AC Repair Spring TX

Air Conditioning

When it comes to Air Conditiong services in Spring, Seasons Air Conditioning and heating is a one-stop-shop. We offer ac repair, maintenance, and installation services. We care about our customers and know the importance of getting their ac fixed as soon as possible. 

Spring AC Financing


Need money to afford your ac or heating repairs? Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating offers special financing options with low monthly payments. We care about our customers and want to make sure that cost isn't getting in the way of them getting their home back to a comfortable state. 

Furnace Repair Spring TX

Furnace & Heating

Spring, Texas winters are not long, but they can be cold. We offer top furnace and heater services for our clients. Whether your heater needs to be replaced, repaired, or serviced, we are on top of and ready to get your family warm for the winter. Call our heating experts today!

Spring AC Technicians

Best Technicians

When it comes to air conditioning and heating technicians in Spring, TX, look no further. Our Gold Star technicians are available 24 hours a day to service your home and make sure your family is as comfortable as possible. 

Spring Duct Work

More Services

Need more than just AC and heating services. We offer additional services such as duct-work insulation and repair, thermostat installation and setting, ductless mini split systems, and hot water heater installs and removal. Call our specialist today and schedule and appointment.  

Best Spring AC Repair

Real Guarantees

Where excellent quality meets exceptional guarantees, you'll find Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating. We care about our customers and back every job with a 100% guarantee. If you're not happy, we're not happy. Give us a call and get guaranteed excellent service. 

Reasons to get your Air Conditioner Maintained in Spring, TX

Sometimes we take the most important things for granted. Living here in Texas, we know that an air-conditioned home is a very important thing. Very few people live without it, and those who lose it, want cool air restored as quickly as possible. Too often, people wait until there is a problem to address issues. Naturally, this raises the urgency of the situation, and almost always the costs associated for fixing it. One day you are in a perfect climate situation in your home, these next minute you are Google searching “AC Repair Spring” or “Air Conditioning Spring TX” to get someone to come within the hour.

What if you approached this differently? What if, instead of waiting until a costly issue arises, and your family packs up for the nearest motel, you created a personalized maintenance approach to air conditioner longevity?  This will bring peace of mind, as well as recognition for what parts may need replacing, so you can budget those upgrades and make them before anything breaks down.  Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating would love to help!  There are some things you can address on your own. Other things we can come out and check for you. You can trust the trained professionals here to assess your situation honestly and help you find the least expensive way to keep your home cool this Summer.

Here we are in the middle of a Texas Spring. Temperatures are still mild; and mitigated by regular rainfall. But Summer is coming.  In the Summer, in South East Texas, no amount of rain or wind can keep us from the heat. We will all be dependent on our home conditioning unit to carry the load, maybe well into the Fall months. Is your home system prepared for that?  Will it function efficiently, in order to keep monthly costs down?

If you can identify the warning signs, then you can decide now that a call to our company for help will save you trouble in the future. You will have more ready access to our staff, as we will all be chasing down broken unit repairs all Summer long at households that failed or pre-check, maintain, and repair their systems in the Spring.

The number one thing you can do to keep that from happening to you is by calling a trusted AC professional in your area to come and visit you before the heat is turned up. Here at Seasons Air, we welcome your call and can walk you through an inspection. We can examine the current efficiency of your system, calculate if you have enough system for the space, clean the unit, both in the attic and outside, and determine the remaining lifespan of wear items.

The 6 Most Obvious Signs your AC Needs Repair Services in Spring, TX

If it has been years since your last professional maintenance checkup, then you might want to go ahead and schedule one now. But if the system is not very old, or hasn’t been maintained within the last two seasons, you can just do a quick inspection to determine if it is time to call.

The staff here at Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating has compiled a list of a half a dozen common signals that help is needed. These are the most common problems that are measurable by homeowners, and ought to trigger a visit for assistance.

Below you will find detail on what to examine.  Please understand, some of this can be addressed by the homeowner. But we are trained to take an incredible detailed approach to understanding why these issues are happening, and finding the most cost effective, and longest lasting method of repair and maintenance. 

  • Not Cold Enough! – This is one of the most easily measured issues you might be having, and yet it is also the most crucial. If your system is circulating air, but it doesn’t have a distinct chill, there are issues behind the scenes.  Even now, in the Spring, we get the occasional warm day. These are ideal times to turn on the AC for a little while and see if that chill begins to fill the air. There are two primary causes for air that is not cold. The first is a faulty compressor. We can easily and quickly assess this and replace it if needed. The second is low levels of freon. In this case, we can fill it back up, after first making sure there aren’t any leaks in the system.  Both of these options are far less costly than full system replacement through neglected lapses in service. In many cases, the solution comes short of a part replacement, and is accomplished through less costly repair.  But again, even if it is freon replacement, determining if a leak is the issue will prevent it from happening again.
  • No Air Flow! – Have you ever put your hand up to a vent and felt extremely cool air, but it was blowing very faintly? That is frustrating! You know the system has what you need, but it will have to run 24/7 in order to get it to you! Proper air flow is crucial to keeping costs down. This too can be indicating a compressor issue.  If so, replacing it will fix it. However, there are several less expensive possible problems and fixes to be looked into first. If some parts of the home are blowing fine, while others are barely getting air, the problem could be in the attic duct work. Maybe there is a tear or leak in a section of the attic tubing. Sometimes it is just a matter of cleaning the ducts. Perhaps even an adjustment in the vents in the ceiling of the rooms, could help bolster air to other area.  In two story homes, in the Summer, the heat rises, and closing a few downstairs vents can give the upper areas the boost they need.  In the Winter, the cool air settles in the lower level, so closing the upstairs vents can increase heat flow to areas most affected.  Our service technician can look into duct work and vents to determine if cleaning, adjustments or replacement are needed.
  • An Ancient Thermostat! – If some rooms are very cool, while others stay the same or are hot, it may be an issue with the thermostat. Older thermostats may not read temperatures appropriately to represent the true needs of the whole space. If you have an older home, the area that reads the temperature may need to be adjusted so the system knows if it is actually doing its job. Older thermostats may also have faulty elements within them, leading to misinformation to the system. Thermastat Technology has come a long way.  You can get them automated to adjust on their own via programming or through their smart sensors. They can read various areas in the home and adjust to what is needed. You can monitor all of this on your phone. Even if you aren’t experiencing major problems, the cost of a new thermostat can cover itself in savings very quickly. We can run you through the newest options, finding a system that fits your budget, addressing your needs and saving you money.
  • Excessive Moisture – We know that a steadily running AC unit will produce moisture. But pooling around the upstairs system, and the external unit are signs of a problem. Sometimes that water is more than just condensation. It could be a refrigerant leak, which is bad for the system and can be a health risk for your family. Otherwise it could have to do with the drain tubing and pan in the attic. Far too many homes have suffered Sheetrock damage, an unnecessary issue, because they allowed their drainage system to go years without maintenance. If you have water in the drainage pan, call us. If you see pooling water around the external unit, do not delay in getting an ac service visit. Side effects of condensation waters collecting include rusting and mold development. Let’s keep the system running smoothly and avoid these trouble causers.
  • Strange Noises! – Okay, nothing is as annoying as ongoing needless sounds in your home. No, I’m not talking about cable news. I’m talking about strange and/or persistent noises from the air conditioning system. Grinding sounds or a grating noise could be telling you the unit needs to be replaced. This is the case if the noise is sourced within the system itself. Though there are times that wear items, like fins, can be replaced. Regularly maintained systems are much more likely to keep the noises away and put off replacement for the longest time. Again, it could be vent orientation, a belt that is worn, or damaged bearings, all of which can be inexpensively replaced.  The best idea if you hear noise, is to give us a call, so we can work from the least expensive solution inward.
  • What’s That Smell! – Here is something that demands immediate attention. Chances are, if you smell something from your vents, some section of insulation wiring has burned out. You do not want to let that go. Other time, if the smell is more in the musty category, it could be mold somewhere in the system. This is, of course, usually due to lapses in maintenance but can be repaired in one visit. Keep in mind that certain types of mold can be a health hazard and may necessitate more thorough action. For multiple reasons, please consider a bad smell and immediate reason to call at Seasons Air Condition and Heating.

Reliable Spring Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement

If you choose to begin a relationship with us, there are specific benefits we strive to provide to each and every customer. Our goal is your satisfaction, and we understand that is the product of several things that matter to you. 

  • We will seek to pass along great Saving on both Repairs and Replacements
  • We will not leave until you have the Comfort and Function you Desire
  • Our scheduled planning will help prevent Breakdowns or Replacements.
  • Our team will always seek to increase the Life of your AC and Heating Units.

In addition, we will offer guarantees and warranties on the work. If our work does not do what we say it will do, you have our word we will make it right quickly and at no extra cost to you.

Is it time for AC Repair Spring TX at your home? Give us a call today.